William Goddard



William Goddard


Goddard, William


William Goddard was an American patriot and printer born in New London, Connecticut. He erved as an apprentice printer under James Parker and then in 1762 became an early American publisher who eventually founded several newspapers during his lifetime.

His Mother, Father and sister were also involved with printing and publishing in the middle 18th century. For a short term William was also a postmaster of Providence, Rhode Island. Later his newspaper partnership with Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia would play an important role in the development of Franklin's ideas for a postal system in the soon to be united colonies.

In 1772 he founded Baltimore's first newspaper, The Maryland Journal and later The Baltimore Advertiser. William's older sister was Mary Katharine Goddard who, inspired by her father, was an accomplished printer and the publisher of the Maryland Journal and the Baltimore Advertiser and who later managed her brother William's newspaper, The Pennsylvania Chronicle. In 1775 she was appointed Baltimore’s first postmaster.


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